Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can learn more about our Munks project. If you have any specific questions please follow us on Twitter or Join our Discord (getting ready)
What are the Munks?

Munks is a 3 Series NFT Project. This is not just another NTF collection but Munks Project has a lot more to offer. Each series will have a different Munk species (first one is ChecikMunks). Munks NFTs can increase in value when you rank-up your Munks.

- Feed weaker Munks to stronger Munks
- Feed Munks Eggs
- Rank-up your Munks to see them change visually 😎 we have many suprises for you
- Feeding animations
- Munks own Token
(see below for more details)

How many NFTs will be released?

A total of only 81 NTFs will ever be released.

ChickMunks: 46

Series 2: 25

Series 3: 10

Why there are no names for Series 2 and Series 3?

That is a surprise 😋 This information will be released 24 hours before the release of Series 2 Munks (and for series 3). Just remember that each series will be stronger then previous one.

Can I mint my Munks?

Yes, with the exception of ChickMunks, all other series will be mintable by anyone.

What are the Ranks or Points?

Rank is the value of a Munk in Points, you can see the Points in each Munk's metadata/properties

The points of each Munk are determined by its Rarity.

What is a Rarity?

Munks have different levels of rarity depending on how valuable they are. For ChickMunks the rarities are the following

Common: 10 points (total ChickMunks: 25 )

Uncommon: 50 points (total ChickMunks: 10 )

Rare: 250 points (total ChickMunks: 5 )

Epic: 500 points (total ChickMunks: 5 )

Legendry: 1000 points (total ChickMunks: 1 )

You can see the rarity in Munk's metadata/properties

How can I Rank Up?

To rank up your Munks, you will feed weaker Munks to stronger Munks OR You will feed Eggs to your Munks

A stronger Munk can eat weaker Munks as long as they are not from the same specicies (series). ChickMunks are the cutest things therefore they do not like to eat Munks or Eggs (unborn Munks) where Series 2 and 3 Munks are not that kind.

- Series 2 Munks can eat ChickMunks
- Series 3 Munks can eat ChickMunks and Series 2 Munks
- Both Series 2 & 3 Munks can eat Eggs

When a Munk eats other Munk, it consumes the points that Munks had whereas each Egg provides 1 point boost.
- A Series 2 Munk can only eat 1-5000 Eggs maximum
- A Series 3 Munk can only eat 1-10,000 Eggs maximum

How does Feeding work?

To feed Munks you need to connect your web3 wallet (such as Metamask). The user interface will list all your Munks and all the Eggs in your wallet. You will have an option to simply click a button to feed your Munks with a nice sleek animation. 😜
- Once a Munk is eaten, its gone from your wallet and fully destroyed.
- Once an Egg is eaten it is circulated back to the token supply in a way that it is evenly distributed to all $MKE holders by the percentage of their holdings (except the Munks Team). Think of it as an automatic staking without actually staking your tokens. Who wouldn't want to wake up and have a bunch of extra tokens in their wallet? 🤗

Plese note that
- The Munk you are feeding to your Munk must be in the same wallet.
- The Egg you feeding to your Munk must be in the same wallet.

Will ranking up change my Munk's look?

Yes, Munks will change shape depending on how many points that Munks has. The Shape change logic is implemented every 5000 points, so if you have increased your Munk by 5000 points, you will see your Munk grow slightly bigger and stronger. This will keep happening every 5000 points.

What is an EGG?

Eggs are the feed. You can feed Eggs to Munks to rank them too if you dont want to feed them other Munks, each Egg provides 1 point.

Logic behind Eggs

The Egg is an ERC20 token on Polygon network. The maximum supply of tokens is 1,000,000 where The Munks Team will be given only 10% of total tokens supply (to carry on further development and marketing) and rest will be public

Name: Munks Egg

Ticker: $MKE

Max Supply: 1,000,000 (hard cap)

Vesting schedule

DAY 1: All Puplic Tokens are released (900,000) and 1% of Teams Token (10,000)

Month 1: 1% of Teams Token released (10,000)

Month 2: 1% of Teams Token released (10,000)

Month 3: 1% of Teams Token released (10,000)

Month 4: 1% of Teams Token released (10,000)

Month 5: 1% of Teams Token released (10,000)

Month 6: 1% of Teams Token released (10,000)

Month 7: 1% of Teams Token released (10,000)

Month 8: 1% of Teams Token released (10,000)

Month 9: 1% of Teams Token released (10,000)

* $MKE tokens will only be released with Series 2 Munks, we will not do IDO/IDO for fair token distribution as ChickMunks sale is treated as initial fund fundraising

* When a token Egg is fed to a Munk it is circulated back to the token supply in a way that it is equally distributed to all $MKE holders by the percentage of their holdings EXCEPT the team wallet. The Munks team will not get any tokens that are circulated back into the supply. (to be fair to token holders 💕)

Which Charity we use?

We will be donating Charity funds to the following organisations
- Ripple (Africa)
- The Smith Family (Australia)

*Once the donations are made we will post fund trasfer details and celebrate it on our Discord Donations channel 🥰